Document Destruction Services

Kline Paper Mill Supplies is a member of NAID. When it comes to your business, the security of your intellectual capital, financial records, employee data and other sensitive material is pivotal. Since technology has revolutionized the way we conduct business today, the need to protect your company’s data has become a basic functionality of doing business.

Protect Your Business and Reputation

Every year, US Businesses report billions of dollars in losses due to corporate espionage alone – proof that “dumpster divers” are still wreaking havoc by exploiting company’s strategic information. Everything from medical records, to business plans and contracts, to payroll records and marketing plans is confidential information that may go into a wastebasket, without a second thought as to its value…What would it cost your company if it were to fall into the wrong hands?

The only way to ensure your business’ security, reputation and legal compliance, is to shred all sensitive documents and materials – you can do this economically with Kline Document Destruction Services.

You can never be too safe with important information; for this reason, our facility offers a variety of steps to ensure safe document destruction.  We have a locked area, complete with a state of the art camera system.  The cameras will watch your paper wherever it goes, until it ends up in a locked cage before being dumped by machine into an industrial shredder with the ability to shred down to 1/8 of an inch.  Then it is cleaned and pulped. All of this is done without touching human hands to better secure your privacy.

  • Safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of customer and employee records as well as other sensitive information–eliminate your liability.
  • Highly secure document destruction service.
  • Official certificate of destruction is provided upon removal of sensitive materials.